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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Sudden Jihad Syndrome

This phrase describes the condition that, apparently out of the blue, afflicts Muslims - and Muslims only- of previous good character, and causes them to inflict casualties on Infidels by whatever means come to hand. It was brought to my attention by a recent event in Birmingham, where I live - link here. The phenomenon appears to be on the increase, and is well documented here.

So what conclusion is to be drawn? It is obvious to anyone with reasonable intelligence that this is not an isolated, unconnected sequence of events. One possible conclusion is that Islam predisposes Muslims to unprecedented levels of violence - in other words it creates an unprecedented community of psychopaths wherever it predominates. A more benevolent conclusion might be that it enhances the psychopathic tendencies of those adherents of the Religion of Peace (TM) who would have been predisposed to violence against Infidels in any case.

In either case it serves as a cautionary tale insofar as non-Muslims are concerned. If you offend a Muslim intentionally or otherwise, be prepared for Disproportionate Response. Normally I would be in favour of DR, especially when Israel responds to Palestinian scum-bags firing Qassam rockets into Sderot, but when Muslim scum-bags attack white middle-class Christians in Birmingham supermarket car-parks, then the gloves are definitely off.

Update: A most illuminating comment on my recent topic of Sudden Jihad Syndrome has just been received from Dr. Hector Muhammad McScooterpipe (lately of the Neasden Jihad McScooterpipes, and coincidentally a founding member of the North London Islamic Self-Criticism Association):

“Aye, it’s true, mark my words, Islam is in no short measure a cancer upon our beloved society, a plague upon the world, and a curse upon mankind that will take generations to eliminate, if nothing is done while things may yet still be done to strike this unseemly abomination from the face of the Earth and cleanse our planet from the madness and paranoia that Islam induces wherever its evil, dark, insidious and corrupting tentacles happen to alight.”

Prophetic words indeed, Dr. McScooterpipe. We will be monitoring the situation with keen interest.

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