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Friday, 6 February 2009

Equality and Diversity

Apparently it is now compulsory for all businesses within the purlieu of Birmingham City Council that fall within certain criteria to have a permanent Equality and Diversity Co-Ordinator. As Managing Director of Infidel Enterprises (in my spare time of course, when not writing blog posts as Freedom Loving Infidel), I have considered it my solemn duty to select a candidate with the highest qualifications for this important position.

For several days now, I have been extensively trawling through my workforce, leaving no branch unexamined and no stone unturned in the search for the perfect candidate. After exhaustive research, I am happy to announce that after a series of intensive interviewing sessions, complete with psychological profiling and not to mention positive vetting, that Tiger (my own personal bodyguard, companion, bon viveur and also - after his latest self-empowerment class - recently promoted to Infidel Cat of the First Order) has been appointed as Feline Equality and Diversity Co-Ordinator for Infidel Enterprises.

His first task has been to write to Birmingham City Council to complain about the exclusively (and of course unacceptably) 100 per cent white nature of the snow that we have received thus far this year. He informs me that he expects a written apology in due course, complete with an Equality and Diversity action plan to deal with any unfortunate re-occurrences.

A spokesperson for Infidel Enterprises is on record as saying - "We feel sure that Tiger's appointment will usher in a new era of equality and diversity within Infidel Enterprises and shine as a beacon of light in the West Midlands for all other businesses to emulate."

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