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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The value of a human life.....

.....not so very much, when put into context with maintaining a Muslim peer's reputation.

Is anybody else as outraged as I am over this light sentence?

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Anonymous said...

On the other hand, it was only a few weeks ago people were saying he would be completely let off the hook. That's been proved wrong. So at least its a custodial sentence. Also, its automatic suspension from the Labour party, plus bans and fines.

But yes, looking at it out of context, the sentence does come across as being very light. A man has died here after all. But putting it into context, Ahmed was in fact found guilty of dangerous driving (not manslaughter), and there are limits to the sentence allowable for that.

It seems quite likely to me that manslaughter couldn't be proven because the poor guy who died was walking /running on the motorway, (to get his mobile phone from the car) which was unfortunately a big big contributory factor to him getting run down. There's something you should never ever do! If it had been a manslaughter case I'm sure the sentence would have been much much longer.

But, Ahmed didn't totally get away with it as was predicted by the doom-mongers, so maybe that's a small something to be thankful for. Context tends to be important in these cases (if not in everything in life)