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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Just in case you were wondering.....

.....why it's so important to take out Iran's nuclear facilities NOW.....


I have a small side bet going on with my recently-promoted Equality and Diversity Director to the effect that if Iran is allowed to continue development of nuclear weapons, then within five years, Israel will be hit with nuclear bombs. That's March 2014, if anyone wants to take me up on it.

And if Israel goes down, all Freedom Loving Infidels will be next.

My Equality and Diversity Director thinks otherwise. He thinks that an international initiative of peace and love, followed up with generous shipments of processed chicken and tuna steaks to the people of Iran to show our goodwill, will avert such an apocalyptic scenario.

But then, he is a cat after all. I'm not so sure that I should trust his political instincts. Particularly as he's taken to reading the Guardian (a left-leaning newspaper here in the UK, subscribed to mostly by loony liberals.) Although he assures me he only does it for the crossword.

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Holger Awakens said...

Consider yourself lucky...over here in the States we have a President who is on a banchee hunt to be sure that anyone in this country that ever checked out a psychologist's website is banned from owning a gun but he's okay with psycho Ahmadinejad having the Bomb.