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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Taqiyya Trial - Latest Update

For those of you you have been living under a rock for the past three months, Catstrangler101 - in his incarnation as Liberty GB Radio Host Tim Burton - has been taken to task for calling the Mendacious Grievance-Mongering Taqiyya-Artist Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama UK a - well, a Mendacious Grievance-Mongering Taqiyya-Artist, based on his exposure by the Sunday Telegraph of 01 June 2013 as a lying, fraudulent cheat. Fiyaz Mughal has called on his tame ferrets at West Midlands Police to investigate this heinous crime forthwith. As a result, Catstrangler101 has been ordered to appear at Birmingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday 08 April to answer a charge of "Racially Aggravated Harassment."
However, behind every cloud is a silver lining. Leaving aside for the moment the fact that Islam is not a race (nor is it primarily a religion, as primarily it is a totalitarian political ideology) the most important aspect of this case is the opportunity to explain the Islamic concept of Taqiyya to a wider audience. The fact that Muslims routinely lie in order to promote Islam or to protect it is not widely known.
Through Tell Mama UK, Fiyaz Mughal has exploited our tolerance and the open nature of our society to fraudulently and maliciously promote a false narrative of Islam and its supposed denigration by hateful, racist, fascist, intolerant, extreme right-wing Islamophobic bigots - all at the expense of the long-suffering British taxpayer. We now have the opportunity to make this public through the upcoming court case on Tuesday 08 April.
In addition to all his other lies, Fiyaz Mughal has now resorted to deliberately lying about what people are saying about taqiyya in his article of 29 January on the Tell Mama UK website. He tries to make out that critics of Islam are using the word "taqiyya" indiscriminately and that they also claim that all Muslims lie about everything.
No one is saying that all Muslims are compulsive liars on all subjects. We aren't saying that they routinely lie about, say, financial accounts or voting procedures, or other subjects that do not directly involve the promotion of Islam. We are saying, specifically, that Muslims routinely use taqiyya to protect and advance Islam / Muslims within a non-Muslim country or environment. It really is that simple, Mr Mughal. And no amount of taqiyya can hide that simplicity from non-Muslims when it is exposed to the full light of day, as in a public trial.
Fiyaz Mughal also tells us that the critics of Islam over-use the word taqiyya. He says that all us "haters" repeat the word as if it's a "stuck record". Is that like the words 'Islamophobe', 'racist' and 'fascist' that Muslims and their Leftist lapdogs use as a substitute for thought? Or what about words like 'haters' and 'bigots' that Mughal himself repeatedly uses in this very article? What about that "stuck record", Mr Mughal?
Tell Mama really shouldn't confuse being critical of Islam with being ignorant of Islam. In fact what is usually the case is that leftist apologists for Islam are the ones who are truly ignorant of Islam. So ignorant that they see all expressions of Islam – from the militant to the everyday – as simple expressions of "poverty", "foreign intervention" and "oppression." So do Fiyaz Mughal's leftist friends really have a better understanding of Islam, and taqiyya, than the critics of Islam?
Just in case the magistrates at Birmingham Magistrates Court take a different view on Tuesday 08 April – perhaps due to the politically correct, multicultural environment that passes for British justice these days – or perhaps simply because they do not want to be seen taking the side of a hateful, racist, fascist, intolerant, extreme right-wing , Islamophobic bigot, please donate to my Legal Defence Fund - by clicking on the button that can be found at the top of this page. Every penny that you can possibly spare would be most gratefully received, and all contributions will be acknowledged in person.
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