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Friday, 13 June 2008

An Islamic Dictionary for Infidels - Part 1

I never cease to be amazed with the frequency that Islamic spokespersons use the phrase "Religion of Peace" when describing Islam. A certain amount of cognitive dissonance arises in the non-Muslim mind when one considers the death, destruction and mayhem that Muslims create on a daily basis around the world in the name of Islam.

However, if one considers that the words "Religion" and "Peace" have totally different meanings in the minds of Muslims and non-Muslims, then things start to become a little more clear. For example, the non-Muslim mind may well construe "Peace" as being a state of harmony between two or more different people or groups of peoples, where tolerance of the other person or the other group allows a co-existence between those people or those groups as equals on an indefinite basis.

"Peace" to the Muslim mind, however, implies the situation that will exist only when the word of Allah reigns in every corner of the world, and all non-Muslims have been converted, subjugated to second-class status as dhimmis, or killed. All devout Muslims are obliged to work towards this goal and advance the spread of Islam in whatever way they can if they want to attain Paradise when they die.

Similarly, most non-Muslims, when they think of "Religion", visualise a benign moral concept with a framework for behaviour that encourages believers to attain enlightenment, or to improve themselves as moral human beings as they go through life, while providing solace in times of stress, grief and despair, and generally dispensing goodwill to all other human beings on the planet by following the Golden Rule of "treat others as you would be treated yourself".

However in Islam, the Golden Rule does not exist. Non-believers are to be treated at best as second-class citizens who must be subjugated in an Islamic society, if not killed outright. Islam is a political, totalitarian system, akin to Communism, Fascism and Naziism, that cloaks itself in religion in order to fool gullible non-Muslims into a false sense of security while it prepares itself, behind the scenes, for total world domination. It brooks no opposition, and those who question Islam or dare to criticise it, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, are to be punished by death.

For this reason alone it should be considered to be a cult rather than a religion, and if only the political elites in the West would take this one simple step of recognising Islam for what it is (a malignant, cancerous cult), rather than what they would like it to be (a benign, world-class religion), it would be the first step on the path that would enable us to deal with the threat that it poses to world stability and world peace.

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