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Friday, 13 June 2008

An Islamic Dictionary for Infidels - Part 3

Another thing that has been getting my dander up lately (and let me tell you, that's not a pretty sight) is the concept promoted by Muslims that Islam is perfect, and if only the whole world were to be given over to Allah, then fairness and justice would reign, and the world would be at peace.

Again, it's down to definitions, where fairness and justice translate to anything that redounds to the good of Islam, and unfairness and injustice translate to anything that stands in the way of Islam.

Hmm. Well, in that case, please explain to me that if Islam is so bloody perfect, wherever Islam rules (in the 50-plus countries on the planet that are unfortunate enough to have Islam inflicted upon them) then these countries are at the bottom of almost every measurable scale. The economies of Islamic countries (not withstanding the ten-trillion-dollar transfer of funds due to oil exports over the last thirty years, which has mostly disappeared into the Swiss bank accounts of the Middle Eastern elites), life expectancy, infant mortality, health, education, poverty, property rights, gender discrimination, religious persecution of non-Muslim minorities, human rights, etc., etc., etc., - right at the bottom of almost every measurable scale.

Don't tell me - it's due to the influence of the miserable Jews, conspiring to bring down the great Muslim Ummah. Well, let me tell you, the Muslim Ummah is doing a great job of bringing itself down, and doesn't need the help of the Jews, even if the Jews themselves could give a toss, which they clearly don't.

So, fairness and justice join the other words and phrases in the topsy-turvy Islamic lexicon, where as Humpty Dumpty, the character in the Lewis Carroll story (Alice through the Looking-Glass) once said: " Words mean just what I want them to mean, neither more nor less."

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