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Friday, 13 June 2008

On Islamophobia

I have to say that I do get extremely annoyed when I hear the terms Islamophobia (and/or Islamophobe) because it implies that the person concerned somehow has an irrational fear about Islam and Muslims, who are currently portrayed in the mainstream media as innocent victims of Western bigots and racists.

However when one sees what Muslims are perpetrating daily around the globe, slaughtering dozens, if not hundreds, of other Muslims and non-Muslims daily in the name of Islam and Jihad, then it is perfectly rational to be concerned, if not actually fearful. That is not bigoted, or Islamophobic, or racist. It is the height of common sense.

That is not to say that all Muslims are terrorists, of course they are not. But most terrorist acts around the world today are committed by Muslims in the name of Islam and Jihad. And if we could tell the difference between a potentially violent jihadist who would cheerfully slaughter all Infidels, and an ordinary Muslim who simply wants to mind his own business and live a peaceful life like the rest of us, then nobody would be happier than me.

But we can’t tell. We don’t know. And therein lies the problem.

What we do know is that because of Islam and its teachings, many Muslims are predisposed to violence against Infidels and that the ultimate goal of Islam is to convert, subjugate or kill all Infidels throughout the world until the whole world comes under Islamic rule.

So why should we treat Muslims as if they were the same as the rest of us? Why on earth should we in the civilized West commit cultural suicide because of political correctness and the failed doctrine of multiculturalism?

Until such time that Muslims in the West publicly renounce their intentions to impose regressive Shari'ah laws on the rest of us, publicly denounce the Jihadists in their midst, publicly announce their intention to root out terrorism by co-operating wholeheartedly with the authorities, and publicly repudiate teaching violent jihad against the Infidel in every mosque and madrassa, we have every right to defend ourselves against Islam, which after all, has declared war on the West.

This means that in the meantime we may have to start treating Muslims in the West very differently compared to what we have been doing up to now. For a start, it has been suggested by many that we should immediately stop all Muslim immigration, review Muslim entitlement to our welfare systems, and encourage Muslims who want regressive Shari'ah laws implemented to return to Muslim lands. Given the threat of Islam to Western culture and Western civilisation, these would seem to be reasonable measures.

And to say so is not to be bigoted, is not to be Islamophobic, is not to be racist, but only common sense if we want to save Western culture and Western civilisation from being subsumed by a seventh century totalitarian ideology.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think that our Western culture and our Western civilisation IS worth saving. It may not be perfect, but in my view it’s a darn sight better than anything Islam has to offer.

That’s right: better. Better - as in morally and intellectually superior.

Islamophobia , bigotry and racism? No.

Rather, it’s common sense without the currently all-pervasive multiculturalism and political correctness.

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